A Six-Step Writing Process

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As high school students you write almost every day whether that is in the form of an essay, research paper or a tweet on the Internet. What if I told you there was a simpler way to write that allows information to be organized as well as presented better? The writing process consists of six main steps. These six steps consist of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading and publishing. Some of these steps are more prominent in the process, but as a whole these steps assist in the creating of a clear and well-written paper. To help demonstrate the writing process in simpler way I will relate it to something that is well known to most teenagers, that being food. Not just food but also the process of preparing food in specific the process of creating a stir-fry. In the writing process the first step consists of a pre-writing stage. Pre-writing can be explained in the form of an outline or notes about the writing assignment you will begin shortly. In congruence with the pre writing stage, creating a stir-fry uses similar procedures. So to start off the stir-fry process you must first gather your ingredients. These ingredients can consist of a variety of meats to provide protein including chicken, shrimp and beef. This step is just like in a paper when you gather the info for the bulk of your paper, such as choosing the topic of the paper. By doing this first step in the writing process as well as the cooking process you prepare yourself a guideline for the
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