A Skit on Dr Apj Abdul Kalam

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Grade 6 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: I When a child enters school at his/her first level, he/she is not _____________ to __________ his/her mother’s hand. He/she is in a ____________ state of mind. He/she exhibits emotions of ___________ and ____________. The teacher welcomes the child _______________. This first step of the child is a great change in his life. When he/she enters the class, he/she has been compared to a ___________ and the class has been compared to a ___________ (pupa). It is here that the child, with the help and teachings of his teacher, gains ___________ over time and they are now compared to young ___________ who are ready to step into the _____________. II Choose the correct answer 1 What happens…show more content…
The speeding car, a bolt of lightning, hit him hard. The car has been compared to a bolt of lightning because it was _______- A very fast B very bright C not fond of fleas D very old 4 He refused to listen to anybody. He is such a mule. The metaphor compares him to a mule because he was _________ A always eating oats B able to do hard work C raised on a farm D very stubborn 5 she could leave her little son with anyone and he didn’t trouble them. He is such an angel. The child has been compared to an angel because _____ A he is cute B looks like an angel C he does not trouble anybody at all D the mother calls him an angel 6 He has so much energy in him that he can work non-stop for hours. He is really a horse. He has been compared to a horse because ______ A he resembles a horse B he has the energy and stamina of a horse C he is as big as a horse D he loves horses Quiz of Prefixes 1 What does the word unhurt mean? A hurt badly B hurt C not hurt 2 If you take away the prefix im from impolite, then the root word is polite. A true B false 3 if you add the prefix un to the word wrap, what is the correct spelling of the new word? A unrap B unnwrap C unwrap D unwrapp 4 What do you do if you re-read a book? A read it again B read it for the first time C don’t read it 5 if you take the prefix il away from the word illegal, what is the right word? A llegal B legal C legall 6 If you add the prefix im to the word

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