A Slow Time in Life

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The last few years have been going by really slow. I was beginning to lose track of time. When my dad left my mom, when I dropped out of high school, when Ron and I broke up was all becoming a blur of my past. I didn’t know what to do next. All I knew was that we were broke and my mother’s criminal record for stealing clothes and food was stopping her from getting a job anywhere in New Jersey. Before we lost our cheap and broken down apartment in East Orange, we needed to get some fast cash. I decided to drop-out of high school. My mother understood why I was doing this and trusted that I won’t let her down like how my father did to her, my sister, Clary, and me.
After applying to 17 companies, I finally got a job as a waitress at Slim’s. The diner was in need of more employees and I, a job. It wasn’t the best job, but my boss, Slim Jones was kind enough to let me take home some leftovers. I figured for now, it would do just fine. “Congratulations Lana Simone for being the employee of the month 2 years in a row,” announced Slim in the center of the diner. It was that time of year again, when Slim gather the few employees he had and announced the employee of the year. This diner didn’t run really well but it was all that Slim had and he preserved it pretty well for a 55 year old geezer. But I do have to admit, this place really needed a decent makeover. The wallpaper was ripping apart, the door slid open instead of flying open, the bell was rusted. The only thing that kept
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