A Small Good Thing By Raymond Carver

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The short story of A Small Good Thing by Raymond Carver describes the story of a family who loses their son due to a hit and run accident. The parents suffer through the loss and have their suspicions about who killed their son because of multiple phone calls from the local baker who made their son’s birthday cake. The ending has an unexpected twist when the baker and the parents realize they can connect with each other. This heart-wrenching story touches on three important themes; these three themes include helplessness, lack of communication, and the attempts by the characters to make a connection. First of all, the author continuously touches on the theme of the helplessness of the characters throughout the story. There are several examples of this during the story; the first time the author introduces this theme is when the young boy, Scotty, gets ran over by the car. In the story, the boy falls to the ground from the impact of the car and the car speeds away without checking on the boy and his health situation. This shows how the boy is helpless because the accident was a hit and run (meaning the criminal would be nearly impossible to find) and he is a child who is too inexperienced to know what to do. Not only is Scotty clueless, but his friend who is there during the time of the accident is as well; the helplessness of the boy is increased because of the fact that his friend of similar age was the one who was present during the hit and run. Another important event
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