A Small Pond And A Big Pond

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If you are given a choice, what would you pick to be? A big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Life will give you choices, situations, opportunities that can place you on one side or another and suddenly, the path of opportunity appears, the moment where you can escape from the pond and reach the glory. Could we change that spot where life place us? Could the fish escape from the pond?

Being born in Santo Domingo put me for many years as the “Big fish in the Small Pond” Since I was a kid, one of my passions have been to write, at the age of 7 I sent an article to a Children’s magazine in Santo Domingo called “Al Compas” sharing my point of views in my article I was trying to create the consciousness about contamination and discriminations about handicaps, It was a surprise to my parents when they saw it in the magazine because I did not t ask permission to mail it. In 2003 I won the first place in the category of essays in a contest about Priest Juan Nepomuceno Zegri, in “La Semana Mercedaria” a week where nuns from the catholic church I studied celebrated the foundation of her congregation.

At the end of High School I received the “Student Excellence Award” and won a scholarship to study in Universidad APEC, where I started my Bachelor degree majoring in Advertising. At first I wanted to focus on copywriting or TV production. Then one day through the passion of a very talented professor, I shaped my dreams. She was not supposed to be my teacher, but
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