A Small Porch By Wendell Berry

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The book “A Small Porch” was written by an essayist, poet, novelist and farmer known as Wendell Berry. He was born in New Castle at a place called Kentucky on August 5, 1934. He received his BA in English and an MA in 1956 and 1957 respectively. Berry has authored more than thirty books in the form of essays, poetry, and novels. Among the books he wrote “A Small Porch” is one of the most popular works associated with him. It is a collection of poems conveying different messages. The poet delivers the information using various elements of poetry. Among them is the symbolism, which is, be the principal focus of this paper.
The first instance where symbolism is evident is in the poem “The long cold drive life inward.” There are several
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“The mockingbird sings” is another poem where symbolism is utilized (pg. VI). A mockingbird is an individual who is presented as an innocent person by the narrator. Despite doing or saying what is right for his lover and himself, the information he tries delivering to his lover remains unclear. He ends up repeating the same actions and says to please his lover. The narrator refers to him as silly and egotistical and that the song he sings is only clear to him and not to others about the direction of the message conveyed in the song. He ends up failing and probably suffers out of unclear intentions. The connection of the poem to the title of the book is that the innocent person in the poem is nature which tries to please humans but all in vain.
The other section where symbolism is evident is “Small Porch in the Woods.” It is divided into several poems. In the first one, there is the mention of “unshifting star” which represents a change that is undisturbed. It is the turning point of the society. Despite the challenges communities face in their life, their ambition leads them towards achieving their objectives in life. The second poem under this section is about a heavy rain that fell in the month of April. Heavy rain is the representation of unhappy moments. The description presented by the narrator shows that it is a sad moment where everything is carried away. Throughout the poem, the rain is seen, as a lesson
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