A Small, Quaint Beach

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A small, quaint beach is located in Texas, and is known by the name of Galveston. It has a very vivid and interesting backstory, more so than cities twenty times its size. Galveston Beach was originally home to Akokisa and Karankawa Native Americans during 1528. Robert Cavelier La Salle, a French explorer, claimed the land for King Louis, naming it St. Louis in the late 1600s. Later, in 1786, Galveston was named for Bernardo de Galvez; he was a Spanish general and governor of colonies, and he sent explorers to chart the land (from the Gulf of Mexico of the Texan coast to New Orleans but Galvez died before he ever set foot on his island. However, the first settler was European, a pirate known by the name “Jean Lafitte,” who created the ‘Campeche’ colony in 1817 (Galveston History, 2013). Galveston used to be a hot location, wealthier than Rhode Island, New Jersey during its highest financial peak before a severe storm hit on September 8th, 1900. It is known today as Hurricane Ike or the “Great Storm” to commoners/dwellers/etc???, and is considered to be the worst natural disaster in Galvestonian history. During the storm, more than 6,000 people died, and wind speeds were thought to have reached 150 to even 200 miles per hour. The storm greatly disrupted the natural beach habitat.
Assateague Island, is a 37 mile long barrier island located off of the east coast of Delmarva, Maryland. The island is part of a vast chain of barrier islands that extend from Maine to Texas.…

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