A Small Sized Cars

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION PROJECT BACKGROUND Nowadays, the small sized cars have attracted a lot of popularity mostly among those a living in the cities. Nevertheless, this type of car is also well-known for the shortage of its comfortable such as the restrained sitting posture. This contributes to discomfort and unhealthy that presents to the musculoskeletal disorders (MD) such as pain in neck, sitting bones, shoulder, and lower back. Sitting comfort has been an important issue that demands the ergonomics interventions due to higher demands on the comfort of cars especially in the shape of the car seat. Besides that, comfort also role important things to distinguish from others competitors other than safety criteria. In modern era, engineering of automotive fields, then, design and create a latest and more cozy car seat base nearly fully on basic knowledge, extensive, time managing, prototyping and experimental that well-known about the cost involved. To increase customer needed, there are some important steps need to be improved to the car seat comfort that included the design of the car seat that used the Computer Aided Design (CAD) which is Solidwork Modeling. In additional, the selection of the materials in order to design the seat also leads to the comfort of the car seat. Moreover, a computational finite element calculation of interaction inquiry car seat has been used to calculate the total quantity (contact pressure, shear stress contacts, and in-body pressure)
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