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When I asked my friends of a personal trait that best suits me, I received the same response from them all. The overwhelming feeling shared by each individual person showed how I looked in there eyes. Each person, as different as they were had said that I am “too nice.” This trait does not seem to me as large of an issue as my friends think that it is.
     Although they say I am “too nice,” I feel that I am not “nice,” just pleasant. I do not understand how a person can be “too nice.” I never found it a burden on anyone’s personality to be nice. Of course being nice has its advantages and it’s disadvantages, as do any other personality traits that a person would have. For example, a person could be vulgar and
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I cannot help it; it is just how we are. That may not be the real reason, but I do not know where I get it from.
     Being known as such a nice person also has its disadvantages on the dating scene also. I have no clue why it is, but most woman want the “nice guy” as just a friend for a shoulder to cry on or the friend that they can tell there most deepest and darkest secrets too. Sometimes I really ask myself “why do they do that?” Who knows the real reason, every woman has a different reason for why they do. Sometimes I think that it would be easier to be a jerk, but it is not in my nature.
     Being nice is not always all disadvantages. It does have its advantages like I said. I have met the most interesting people that have enhanced my life just by being courteous to them and respecting there ideas. I could not imagine living my life without their insights and friendship on a daily basis.
     People do trust me with their greatest possessions and secrets more quickly than others. More often than not, total strangers that I have met for no more than an hour if not less have told me secrets that they have not even shared to their closest friends. The strange part in this is that they are more than willing to tell me their secrets with no instigation from me or from anyone else. At the very least I have dirt on countless amounts of people.
     I do think
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