A Smile Makeover : The Impact Of A Smile Makeover

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The Impact of a Smile Makeover Do you often feel exposed and self-conscious and uncomfortable around colleagues because of your teeth? Do you end up smiling with your lips pressed together firmly so you dont draw more attention to your mouth? Did you ever notice how your friend’s genuine and radiant smile seems to draw people to her? Studies have shown that people are influenced socially and emotionally by a beautiful smile and that 50% of people notice a persons smile first before the clothes or posture. To most people, a beautiful smile is an indication of how you take care of yourself and a reflection of ones emotional state and overall health. It is a sign of happiness, and people always want to be close to you if you’re happy and confident You can now stop hiding your smile, avoiding social dinner gatherings and living in fear that your dentures may fall out, there is solution to regaining your confidence. A “Smile Makeover,” is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry designed to improve the esthetic and functional aspects of the teeth using cosmetic and dental procedures ultimately resulting in a whiter, brighter, and a more youthful smile Having a beautiful smile is no longer a luxury reserved only for the rich Getting cosmetic dental procedure will make all your daydreams about being able to smile and laugh freely into a reality . A new smile can have the following impacts: First Impressions Andrew Grant once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first

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