A Snapshot View Of Learning In The Modern Classroom Depicts

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A snapshot view of learning in the modern classroom depicts a dynamic environment, teaming with diversity among the learners who constitute the members. Students and their teachers enter the classroom each day with the desire to further their own education whether that be in finding ways to gain or impart knowledge. Research clearly indicates students need to be active participants in their own knowledge acquisition. Studying the benefits of working in collaborative groups in the early 1990s, Margaret Cintorino discovered “The opportunity for learning is increased enormously if students are allowed to make meaning for themselves, among themselves” (1993, p. 31). In her qualitative analysis of her own classroom experiments, Cintorino…show more content…
In addition to gaining critical workplace skills, “Students in cooperative learning groups reported significantly higher autonomy, competence and relatedness than peers in traditional classrooms” (Sears & Pai, 2012, p. 250). The ability to relate to one’s peers when coupled with the feelings of autonomy and competence collaborative learning provides for students adds powerful tools needed to be contributing members of a diverse society. Not only do these skills forma basis of interpersonal communication, they provide the necessary background for members of a diverse society to work together outside of a school setting.
Social Benefits
Other essential areas of growth for students include the development of social skills. A study conducted to determine the level of involvement students engaged in while in assigned learning groups found “students encourage and support each other, assume responsibility for their own and each other’s learning, employ group related social skills, and evaluate the group’s progress” (Silva, 2016, p. 34) as they continue to work in collaborative learning groups. A second study indicates that a specific skill set evolves from the unique opportunity to cooperate:
“Collaborative learning develops societal competence, enhances self-esteem, fellowships and
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