A Snowy Night By The Sea

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On a snowy night, on a cliff by the sea, a young boy discovered a little girl with glowing red hair buried underneath the snow by the village’s farm. He had been playing around the animal pens when he suddenly noticed a glowing patch of snow. The young boy felt a certain radiance, which was comparable to the warmth of a campfire, as he drew closer to it. After digging the snow covering the source of this glow, he found her in a comatose state. Nearly 2 months after the discovery, the girl opened her eyes to see the young boy sitting on a chair beside her bed. As fast as he could, the young boy rain to find the village chief to inform him about the girl’s awakening. Once they arrived back at the young boy’s house, where the girl had been kindly taken in, they were welcomed by the smiling young girl with the glowing red hair. With a nervous tone, the young boy stated his name, Alex, and greeted the young girl as well with a smile. After the three of them conversed, a couple of things were found out about the girl: the young girl’s name was Kiki, she had no recollection of anything besides her name and the fact that she fainted from exhaustion on the night she was found. Kiki was told during their conversation that the village they resided in was known as Azrael, that Alex was of the same age of the young girl, and that the village chief’s name was Dean. The young girl stayed in Alex’s home and began to assimilate with his family. Alex usually would try to talk to the young…
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