A Social Enterprise Business Idea

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A social enterprise refers to a business organization that is motivated by the purpose of promoting social wellbeing (Park & Wilding, 2013, p. 237). Such an enterprise reinvests its profits in providing services that are beneficial to members of the society. Instead of depending on donations, social enterprises engage in business activities for the purpose of sustainably supporting socially and economically beneficial activities (Mswaka & Aluko, 2015, p. 58). Social enterprises seek to contribute towards positive change in the society through the introduction and implementation of innovative solutions to challenges or problems that affect a specific segment or population within the society (Brown & Knudsen, 2015, p. 182). In this paper, a social enterprise idea is presented with a goal of demonstrating that its positive contribution towards desired change in the society makes the business worthy investing in.
Social Enterprise Business Idea
The proposed social enterprise business idea is the supply of organic food products to rehab facilities in London. The purpose of the social enterprise is to promote positive and healthy lifestyles among individuals who are undergoing rehabilitation from various behavioral and psychological problems, such as food addition and drug abuse. The enterprise will mainly supply vegetables and fruits that are sourced from local farmers. In this sense, the business will support local farmers while contributing to positive health…
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