A Social Issue Of Gay And Lesbian Marriage

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A Social Issue signifies an objectionable condition that people believe should be modified and “social” refers to issues based in a specific society. An often times debated topic is Gay/ lesbian Marriage, or commonly stated as Same-Sex marriage. Societies are passionate over this specific topic given the differences that necessarily arise from such a large divide in beliefs. Similar to any other controversial matter, there are a number of sides, meaning that there are supporters and advocates, traditionalists who support the status quo, and neutral parties; some individuals are devotees to their beliefs, making them extremists while others simply care for their cause and voice their opinion without perturbing others. In other terms, there are two major sides to marriage equality, pro-marriage equality and anti- marriage equality. The “anti” party is defined as traditional and believes there should be gay marriage bans in either state laws or through the federal level. Those opposed to homosexual consolidation feel that marriage is by definition and historical custom, a matrimonial ritual between a man and woman. This oppositional faction have a strong belief that marriage equality, let alone a homosexual nature, will be detrimental to society and will lead to polygamist, interspecies, and bigamist relationships. In some cases, these people are against marital equality because of religious philosophies where they classify homosexuality as a contemptible sin and…
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