A Social Media Ministry For Evangelism Essay

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The rationale for this project is my theory that developing and implementing a social media ministry for evangelism will reach people and increase membership. In other words, social media is a new way of doing evangelism. This project developed and implemented a social media team model for evangelizing that would use social media as an evangelistic tool for bringing people to Impact Church. The purpose of this project is to answer the question: Can Impact Church develop and implement a social media ministry for outreach and evangelism? Attitudes Toward Evangelism This project is based on the assumption that participants in the social media ministry team have either negative or neutral feelings toward evangelism. Consequently, the findings of this research proved this assumption to be false. The first three questions of the questionnaire were centered on their attitudes and feelings about evangelism. The first question asked about the importance of evangelism of some functions of the church such as evangelism, Social ministry, bible study, and fellowship. Overwhelmingly, six of the participants ranked (on a scale from 1-5, 5 being extremely important and 1 being not important) evangelism as an important function of the church. In fact, most of the rankings were and fours and fives with one being a three by Cameron (a nineteen year old college student). Interestingly, the participants considered evangelism to be just as important as bible study, social ministry and
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