A Social Problem That Affects Women More Than Men

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Domestic Violence A. Problem Statement The purpose of this paper is to investigate a social problem that affects women more than men. In this case, the paper seeks to investigate the case of intimate partner or domestic violence. It seeks to give an opinion on the issue today in terms of what should be a stand and level on the social problem. As such, the paper seeks to describe the problem; its causes from a theoretical standpoint and what should be done to address it. The paper is divided into three parts of the problem statement, causes and the opinion. On the description section, the paper explains about the historical cases of domestic violence its trends over time, causes, effects and its stand today. On the theoretical section, the paper explains the factors leading or causing domestic violence from a theoretical perspective such as the relevant theories applicable to the problem. The last section includes the opinion, where I give an opinion on the remedies to domestic violence. The opinion is based on the theoretical approach to domestic violence in addition to views from the description of the problem. As such, the opinion section includes what should be done in the future to remove the barriers that prevent eradication of the problem and how the causes and cases may be minimized. This study, therefore, entails a detailed examination of domestic violence, its causes and my opinion. B. Description of the Problem Domestic violence may be defined as a form o9f

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