A Social Problem That Is Currently Occurring Is Rather

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A social problem that is currently occurring is rather federal funding should continue to keep Planned Parenthood open. Donald Trump has recently joined other Republicans in their vow to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood, solely based on the idea that Planned Parenthood health care services provide for patients to receive an abortion. The percentage of abortions that Planned Parenthood actually does are less than 3% (Planned Parenthood Statistics). Taking funds away from Planned Parenthood creates a problem not only in America but internationally as well. Due to the fact that Planned Parenthood provides high-quality health care for men, women, and young people, and to improve sexual health and well beings in people and promotes…show more content…
Also, people who meet immigration and citizenship requirements. The benefits that are offered are FDA-approved birth control methods, emergency contraception, and follow-up care, male and female sterilization, preconception counseling, pregnancy testing and counseling, gynecological exams including breast exams, screening, lab testing, and etc. Planned Parenthood gives many benefits to its patients. The benefits are delivered to patients going to the Planned Parenthood facilities and receiving the treatments (benefits) that are needed for them. The benefits are funded by Medicaid but do not need to be a current Medicaid patient to take part. Many people can receive the free services with the program than other Medicaid programs. Medicaid program is jointly funded by the federal government and states. The current policy in this area is President Trump has signed an executive order barring federal funds from organizations that promote abortion around the world, including International Planned Parenthood Federation, which many say that he is showcasing his place of pro-life while in office. This current act of defunding federal funds from organizations around the world has strongly affected Planned Parenthood and other organizations that are similar, who give equal access to reproductive health care that they fight to protect it for everyone. The adequacy of Planned Parenthood is that they provide emergency contraceptive to all patients and give needed resources to
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