A Social Work Simulation Interview

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The concept of doing a social work simulation interview is easy to digest and imagine. It is in the practical application of said simulation that feelings of nervousness, embarrassment, and tentativeness emerge. Coupled with the addition of an audience, the stress of performing ‘correctly’ is compounded. Thinking theoretically about social work gives time for insight, reflection, and the creation of various forms of practice application, dependent upon the environment, client(s), and issues involved. I was surprised how quickly my training was mostly forgotten when confronted with a live scenario; falling back on my gut reactions and intuition to guide my session. In this essay I will attempt to describe the client and practitioner demographics, exchange, and contexts, with a focus on my social location and reflexivity. Client Demographics I met with seventeen-year-old Derek Simpson in his school, at the request of one or more of his teachers. Their concerns revolved around his slipping grades, and staff witnessed, name-calling. This harassment took the form of slurs (“Queer”) associated with his perceived sexuality. Derek presents as a typical grade eleven student, both in terms of his physical appearance and his defensive body language. He is a white, middle class, only child, living at home with his parents, and seems to also spend some positive time with his grandparents. His best friend Ashley, provides a positive and supportive relationship, and seems to be his
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