A Social Work Student Leadership

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1. As a social work student leadership means a great deal. Social workers take lead when we step up and speak for those who are unable. We do as much as we can for those who need help. Even if that means we have to work harder and harder each year to keep up with current event, research, interventions, theories, etc. Part of being a leader in social work includes staying current so we know what has been proven to better assist us in helping our clients. There also has to be a want to learn. Wanting to learn this new information is part of being a leader as well. There has to has to be a want and need to learn new information. From the lecture titled “Final thoughts on leadership” curiosity is a factor to leadership. Curiosity where you are learning and have a sense of wonder and learning from adversity. As a future practitioner leadership is a role I both look up to and know I will have to achieve. I don’t think that leadership is an easy role, but more of a wanted role. You have to act and want to be a leader. Leadership is an immense duty to your clients, staff and yourself. You need to have passion and truthfulness as well as a willingness to work with others. I also think that as part of being a leader you need to be able to step in and help if a situation gets out of hand. You need to be able to deescalate a problem while remaining professional.
2. I could potentially be a leader in any role I play by, always wanting to learn more, having passion about what I…
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