A Social Worker's Reflections On Power Privilege And Oppression Analysis

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From one of the final readings; “A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege, and Oppression” by Michael Spencer, I will carry the lesson that; the work I have begun is only the beginning. Dr. Spencer is a tenure track faculty member and seasoned researched at the University of Michigan. In this guest editorial for the National Association of Social Workers he quotes Paulo Freire; “that to create social change and to promote social justice, we must begin (the) process with ourselves-through a self-reflective process that examines the contradictions between our espoused values and our lived experience” (Freire, 1970). Neither Spencer nor Freire suggests that this process should end or reach any form of conclusion. In closing Spencer suggests; “that the pursuit of critical consciousness is a lifelong process” (Spencer, 2008). Critical consciousness is the ability to perceive
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I began by speaking about transforming social arrangements by using education and communication to change to an inclusive view. I took a close look at a program my father and I participated in, The Indian Guides. I feel my father did not understand the racist underpinning of the program and its symbols. I did come to realize how detrimental color-blindness can be as it ignores racism. Later I explored the painful story of 3 individuals that suffered heart attacks. The success or failure of their recovery was linked to their class position. The ability to obtain health care in this country should never depend on class or socioeconomic strata. Care and wellness education should be available to all. Toward the end of the term I faced the power of words and images. These symbols can have a tremendous impact on the division of race, gender and class in society. Today I can choose to be part of those striving for an equitable society or part of the color blind
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