A Socialized Platform Of Social Media

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A Socialized Platform In the world today, we as a society have contoured our lifestyle in order to grow more accepting of socialized platforms. With the simple help of different networking tools and various applications, people have been able to develop an online persona. The way one presents themselves through social media may differ from how they are portrayed in a public setting. Internet sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have acted as a tool for self-expression and individuality. Although social media has proven to be very effective, it has also condoned a more detached and artificial lifestyle for some. Through the use of social media, people have grown more insecure, distracted, and have worsened their social anxiety. On a majority of social media networks, users are able to post images of themselves. These images often convey a message about the user, and can ultimately be a representation of their self-worth. With the help of filters and other photo enhancing tools, people are able to develop a more appealing image of themselves. Instead of allowing people to accept their natural image, they are provided with devices that completely alter their look. As a result, people who often glamorize themselves online feel unsatisfied in reality. This is due to the fact that many have set a standard for themselves based on a particular image. Instead of accepting basic flaws, and imperfections, many people feel obligated to develop a quintessential photo. Christine
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