A Society Is Made Up Of A Culture

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A society is made up of a culture. Culture defines a particular society reflecting same beliefs however there are many cultures throughout the world. Every society reflects their own culture it is just like if there’s a limited supply of food, we’ll get used to the same fruits and meats and use the same cooking techniques. If we live in the same climate and around the same building materials, we’ll learn to build dwellings together. If we experience the same weather and live near cotton plants, we’ll weave similar clothing. If we’re confused by the same astronomical phenomenon or killed by the same unknown disease, we’ll come up with myths together. When people of two separate cultures come across each other they might possess different opinions on a particular topic based on their religion, nationality and ethnicity which might cause conflicts. Similarly mostly society’s posses mixed cultures in which a person learns different cultural behaviors.
A person cannot live without any other being might it be a human or an animal one of the most common cited example is the boy of Aveyron who emerged little more than a ‘beast’ from a forest in France in 1798. ‘Un socialized’ children such as this boy typically look more animal than human, prefer to remain naked, lack human speech, have no sense of personal hygiene, fail to recognize themselves in a mirror, show little or no reasoning ability, and respond only partially to attempts to help them change from animal into human.…

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