A Sociological Conceptual Framework Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Foods By: Whitney L. Ford For: Douglas Constance Senior Seminar Sociology Fall 2014 Abstract In this paper I employ a sociological conceptual framework with a qualitative methodology to interpret the case of Genetically Modified Organisms in food to inform discussions regarding balancing economic development and social stability. This research topic is important because it brings awareness of the controversy in relation to genetically modified organisms. The sociological conceptual frame work focuses on the structural functionalist theory versus the conflict theory. Data was gathered by online scholarly journals by key word searches of GMO’s, pro’s, and con’s; as well as scholarly databases. I conclude….. INTRODUCTION: This paper applies a comparative sociology framework to the case of Genetically Modified Organisms to inform discussions regarding balancing the safety of food and how it affects society. The comparative sociology framework of a structural functionalism and conflict theory is applied to the case of GMO’s. The purpose of this investigation is to gather information on genetically modified foods. The consequences of GMO’s as well as the benefits are unveiled so that society may be aware and is capable to make informed decisions about the situation. The perspectives of both the conflict and structural functionalist theories on GMO’s are portrayed throughout the duration of this paper. The method being utilized is a qualitative case study
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