A Sociological Perspective On Our Life

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A person is something special, something different from other animals and the there are rarely people who think, that another person is just an animal and that it is not important to care about them at all. Furthermore, a lot of people say that our birth and genetics decided who we are. How often did we hear the sentence ‘’That is so typical for them?’’ or ‘’He was born stubborn?’’. Another rather utopian idea is that all humans are equal and peaceful, but is this actually really true? Are we really just determined by our biology? If we look at it from a sociological perspective, then we can be sure about one thing. This is absolutely not true. First of all, it is important to know , that our so - called ‘’Self’’ is divided into two distinctive parts, which play their important role. The ‘’I’’ is the spontaneous part, that calls for actions, while the ‘’Me’’ is more social and helps the persons to think about themselves, ask themselves questions like ‘’How do other people think, about me?’’ or ‘’Do they like me?’’. Both play in tandem to create the so - called ‘’Self’’ (Cooley, 1964). It is important to note, that this doesn´t just randomly develop in the person, but that process of the so - called socialization plays an important part of it. This progress, that already starts in the childhood and continues throughout the entire life, helps us to develop become a person that our society accepts. We first learn the rules, norms, and values that society expects us to
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