A Sociological Perspective On The Development, Structure, And Functioning Of Human Society

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The study of sociology is the “development, structure, and functioning of human society” (Oxford English Dictionary def. 1). Throughout American history norms established the structure of sexuality that decides what we consider a sexual conformity and deviation in society. Many of these norms are derived from social factors, such as religion, race, and gender to list a few. These social factors affect the functioning of human sexuality. For example, according to Seidman, “Social factors determine which desires are sexual and which serve as identities, which desires and identities are acceptable, and what forms of sexual intimacy are considered appropriate” (2015:5). The sociological perspectives that are used are the feminist perspective, the essentialist perspective, and the constructionist perspective. First, feminist perspectives “…approach sex as fundamentally social and political where they claim that the very essence of what is called sexuality reveals the male wish for control and dominance” (Seidman 2015:22). This perspective is mostly used in the article “Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women?”. Second, the essentialist perspective believes “that sexuality is a basic and essential part of being human” (Seidman 2015:22). This perspective is applied in the Armstrong’s et. al., “Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women?”, in Ford, Hall, Kaufman, Thrasher and Whetten’s “Black Sexuality, Social Construction, and Research Targeting”, and in Fetner’s “U.S. Attitudes Toward Lesbian
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