A Solar Powered Window Phone Charger

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In today’s world there are various products, which serve any particular purpose, that are ultimately meant to make life easier for the consumer. The products can range from something like a phone case that can also hold your credit cards, to a solar-powered window phone charger. However the previously stated products only alter the way of which we use material objects. What about the alteration of one’s own body so that it can compete with the standards or expectations so often set by today’s work ethic? At some point during our lives we come to the conclusion that are bodies can only go so far, before it needs to rest. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough energy in one’s body to do multiple tasks in a single instance of time in a day. There are, however, a multitude of energy drinks used to help people stave off exhaustion, but the benefit of their use does not often supersede the consequences; thus making them either advantageous or detrimental to health. There should be a collected effort from the FDA, manufacturers, and nutritional experts to design an energy drink product that holds more positives during and after the initial effects expire. The following will address multiple facets of the energy drink trend: where it began, FDA and marketing tactics, dangers of the trend, and what should be done about it.

The Origin of the Energy Drink
It is important to know how and why energy drinks have become an important staple in our society. To know where it began. What…
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