"A Soldier" by Robert Frost

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Andrew Fariello Professor Didner ENC1102 MW 3:30-5:15 "A Soldier" by Robert Frost "A Soldier" by Robert Frost Robert Frost's "A Soldier" attracted my interest to some degree. As a United States military veteran of a foreign war, I significantly related to the message that Robert Frost was sending. From my own personal experiences that I have endured while fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom conflict in Iraq, Robert Frost's words exploded imagery into my mind breaking open another dimension that typed words on a paper could not provide alone. His poem really hit home, creating a bond between the poem and myself, making "A Soldier" a wonderful poem for me to analyze. In the poem "A Soldier," Robert Frost uses a hurled lance that will…show more content…
The last word in the first line of his poem rhymes with the last word of the fourth line. And the last word of the very next line rhymes with the last word of the eighth line, which is the same interval of lines between the first and fourth lines. This pattern continues throughout the poem, and the lines that are in the middle of these intervals, also have their last words rhyming with each other. In conclusion, Robert Frost paints an image of a passed soldier that many may have been forgotten. Although only few will see the bigger picture behind the soldier's death, the soldier's sprit has moved on to a place where it can't be exposed anymore; "Further than target ever showed or

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