A Solution From The Industry Problems Of A Large Consumption Of Energy And Resources

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Executive summary The purpose of this project is to find a solution from the industry problems of a large consumption of energy and resources, which has a significant role to play in environmental sustainability. The area of solution that this team will research and analyse is the construction waste management strategies. Within the construction waste management strategies the team will research the reusing of material, the recycling of material and the disposing of material. The design criteria created will assist in selecting the most effective alternative solution to be the final proposed solution. The benefits for adopting the final proposed solution is that a criteria has been made to select the most efficient solution from three…show more content…
The aim of this report is to find the most suitable solution in playing a role in the sustainability of the environment from the three alternative solution sources. The expected result of the outcome of each alternative solution should all point towards effective procedures to organise and dispose of construction waste. The significance of this report is that three sources of alternative solutions were found and analysed to fit a specific design criteria to select the most fitting solution for this predicament of sustainability of the environment. Design criteria no word limit Recycling Reuse Dispose Effect on Environment 10 10 8 Cost to implement 8 9 9 Personnel Understanding 8 9 10 Cost efficient 8 8 8 Total 34 36 35 Recycling materials Using recycled materials Effect on Environment Avoids being thrown out in a landfill, where over time the material toxins leach into our soil and groundwater, and become environmental hazards for years. Old metal, timber, glass, etc. is being reused. E.g. deforestation is being prevented due to timber being recycled and reused for other purposes. Cost to implement On average it is reduced by $9000 - $24000 for a bag collection scheme. Varies on the material needed. Waste All waste taken to a recycling compound where it is divided into sections. (Layout of recycling compound shown in diagram 1.a) Recycled waste is transformed to have
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