A Solution To Medicare Costs: Biogerontology. Since The

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A Solution to Medicare Costs: Biogerontology Since the beginning of human history, emperors, conquistadors, alchemists, and many curious and powerful individuals have been in a fruitless search for a chance to transcend the realm of mortals and achieve immortality. Even now, at the dawn of the 21st century, the desire for immortality is still prevalent in our society today. However, while the dream for eternal life is still alive, the search for immortality is no longer just driven by power and greed, but for the universal gain of humanity – to solve many social and economical reasons that result from the current imperfect prolongation of life. Modern biogerontologists, people who study ageing, are determined to uncover the secrets of…show more content…
While part A is required of all citizens (unless the citizen is exempt or pay a fee), part B is an optional choice a citizen can opt in or out of. In order to apply for Part C and D, the individual will have to be enrolled in Part A and Part B. This ensures that most if not all the citizens of United States have health insurance, but also improves the standard of living and shares the costs of health care with all its taxpaying citizens. While Medicare does make it so more people are able to obtain health insurance, it obtains its fee from the government instead of the individual, private client. In Robert Moffit’s article, Medicare at 50: Reform will Better Serve Seniors’ Health Care Needs, Moffit, a senior in the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, lists “heavier taxpayer burden” as an issue, citing that Medicare spending will jump significantly from “$613 billion in 2014 to more than $1.2 trillion by 2024” (Moffit). Combined with the massive debt America

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