A Solution to E-Waste Essay

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Over the past decade there was a profound development achieved in the sphere of high technologies production. Now the scale of electronics market becomes wider and spins up day by day with a cyclic launch of new electronic appliances with enhanced features. “According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), consumers were expected to purchase 500 million units of consumer electronics in the US in 2008.” (Electronics Takeback coalition, 2010) Consequently, a clear tendency toward rapid substitution of electronic appliances can be observed. A high rate in electronics upgrading shortens their lifespan and results in following stockpiling of needless gadgets, which become a part of municipal waste. These end-of-life electronic devices …show more content…
Now consumers are not supplied with enough opportunities for proper disposal of e-waste. Recycling management is not sufficiently developed. Consequently, instead of being recycled a growing number of end-of-life electronics with a variety of hazardous components in their structures, such as lead and mercury, is dumped in landfills or incinerated. Umesi and Onyia (2008) suggest that 20 acres of lake can be contaminated just with 'one-seventieth of a teaspoon of mercury’ so that the fish becomes unsafe to eat. Thus, such practices as disposal of e-waste in dumping ground or incineration substantially expose the whole environment to contamination with toxins, which in its turn leads to expansion of different human health problems. Binns (2006) reports that people’s exposure to mercury toxication through food, through eating fish in particular, may lead to the whole range of diseases such as impaired neurological development, kidney damage, respiratory failure and affection of cognitive abilities. Embryos and small children are at the largest risk to be affected with mercury toxins, especially their nervous system. Therefore, pregnant women are recommended to forgo eating fish. (ibid, 2006) Hence, it is essential to take drastic measures concerning e-waste issue. However, it can be claimed that currently there is no any relevant approach being successfully developed and applied to the problem.
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