A Solution to Global Warming

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Human beings are the advanced species on the earth. The ability of our ancestors to think outside of the box is the reason why humans are the most dominant species. Once upon a time humans were same as the wild animals. The daily chore for human from the past was to hunt, eat, and survive. At present, the life of human beings is more convenient with all the inventions like cars and air conditioners. These inventions have made our lives easier but have also helped to cause global warming. The emission of carbon dioxide from these machines in the atmosphere causes global warming. Global warming, defined by Oxford dictionary is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse…show more content…
Developed countries are more likely responsible to produce more CO2 than the developing countries because they use too much technology that produce such gases. The people of both of the countries can be taught about the importance of trees in their junior level education or the awareness message can be broadcasted through the communication media. The people of the rural parts of developing countries can be helped by the organizations like COTAP. COTAP stands for Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty. This organization teaches the rural people of developing countries about the necessity of the forest and how they can benefit from it. This solution is easy to implement but is a little costly because the organizations such as COTAP need donation money to achieve their respective destinations. Other solutions for the global warming include reduction in the use of electricity and increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. These two solutions have their promises to reduce global warming but these two solutions seems inferior to planting the trees. The common thing about these solutions is that they both have the same source to deliver the public awareness, and both solutions tend to conserve environment and save money. The reduction in the use of electricity and increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency are limited to those countries or places with cars and electricity; but what about the places without these
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