A Sonnet Lyric Poem

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A sonnet is described as a short lyric poem. But before well known sonnets of such poets like Shakespeare, the word sonnet used to simply mean little song. Over the centuries there have been different types of sonnets. Some of the most known sonnets are the types labeled as the English (Shakespearean), Italian, and Occitan Sonnet. One of the most modern types of sonnets is known as Free Form. Most sonnets will follow its conventional form. This poem will consist of 14 lines with iambic pentameter, which is an unstressed syllable that is followed by a stressed syllable. It will also have a certain rhythmic pattern that will follow throughout the poem. The subject of the poem is about love, desire, or unrequited love. A poem which is…show more content…
But yet, I believe we all see different. I truly believe that the intention of a poet is to have the reader follow a certain direction and let their minds think for themselves at which to direction to lead at the end. Hoping on their way they will end up with the same type of feeling the poet wants a reader to feel. Whether it is sadness, love, or anger, I believe a poet’s goal is to have their reader’s mind explore feelings that have not been felt before, which can make a difference in their life. Exploring different views and maybe changing one’s opinions can change so much in this world. We have gone through so much prejudice in this country even though it is it still exists today. What made it become less and less is the voices that we have heard on the television, the books we have read, and the history that has been passed down every generation. Poetry is just another form of passing down a message that may change it
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