Essay about A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin

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In a world usually depicted as a “man’s world,” a woman’s role is not considered as significant and thus can be repressed. It is why a feminist perspective or criticism comes into place, especially in literature. By definition, a feminist criticism consist of scrutinizing “the ways in which literature reinforces the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women.” (Tyson) In Gail Godwins’s A Sorrowful Woman, the leading female character is concentrated in her efforts in distancing from her structured lifestyle. A feminist would critic Godwins story by as the female character is in pursuit of peace and happiness and wants to escape from the role she has been implanted. The critic would concentrate on the experience woman…show more content…
That's changes when the mom because sick of playing the housewife role and decides not participate anymore. She was the one that kept the house together, cooked, and looked after the child while the husband went to work. Now the dad becomes both roles; a role he does not mind taking on in efforts in pleasing his wife. A feminist critic would concentrate on the switching of the roles and state that woman is entitled to escape from her role. She wants to peruse other roles other than wife and mom. She is then summoned to the reality of a "wife/mom free" environment. A conflicts occurs when she engages in this change because of her uncomfortableness with structure. While experimenting her new lifestyle, she goes to a room with all the walls are white and decides to live there; the white walls a demonstrate a fresh new start, which is exactly what she intends to do. Godwins states "She tried these personalities on like costumes, then discarded them." (Godwin 41) When she has to play the new role, she starts to feel captured and has to conform to the structure of the new character. Once she arrives at the point, she gets rid off the role and goes on to the next. A feminist would view this character a lost person in search of empowerment. She wants a life she is in control but does not want to conform to a structured lifestyle which can possibly lead her to the destruction of her and her family. Throughout her journey in pursuit of peace and happiness, she
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