A Sound Beginning : An Assessment Of Phonological Awareness

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A Sound Beginning A Sound Beginning is an assessment of phonological awareness at four different levels: Word Level, Syllable Level, Onset-Rime Level, and Phoneme Level. Phonological awareness is the manipulation of sounds in spoken language and is an important building block for reading. The assessment is administered orally that would include the student tapping, deleting, segmenting, and blending different sounds. Felipe’s score for each level is as follows: Word Level Tapping Words 2/5 Deleting Words 5/5 Total Word Level 7/10 Syllable Level Blending Syllables 5/5 Tapping Syllables 2/5 Deleting Syllables 5/5 Total Syllable Level 12/15 Onset-Rime Level Matching Rhymes 3/5 Blending Onsets and Rimes 4/5 Generating Rhymes 5/5 Total Onset-Rime Level 12/15 Phoneme Level Blending Phonemes 10/10 Segmenting Phonemes 10/0 Total Phoneme Level 20/20 Total Score 51/60 At the Word Level, Felipe scored 7 out of 10 problems correctly. The 3 problems he missed involved tapping for the number of words he heard in a sentence. He tapped one more word than the total number of words in the sentence by tapping twice for a two-syllable word instead of one tap. For example, in the sentence, “My mother is calling me,” the total number of taps should be five for the five words. Felipe tapped twice for the word “calling,” resulting in six taps instead of five. At the Syllable Level, Felipe scored 12 out of 15 problems correctly. The 3 problems he missed involved tapping again. At this
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