A Spaceship to Mars in the Story Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

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Lewis, Ransom, a physiology professor at Oxford University is kidnapped by two men who take him in a spaceship to Mars, or Malacandra as they call it. They plan on giving him over to the martians who live on Malacandra but Ransom runs away in fear he will be killed. As the story progresses,
Ransom meets all sorts of martians and becomes immersed in the culture and language of this planet. Ransom is then faced with being called to meet a certain spirit of the planet and makes a small journey in search of this being. Through his experiences on Malacandra, Ransom grows in courage, shows his curiosity and exceptional intelligence.

Throughout the story one sees Ransom grow in courage. When he is kidnapped by Devine and Weston, Ransom loses the fear that they might harm him and tries to escape from his captors when Devine and Weston think he is asleep. He is however, unable to get away. Throughout their journey to Malacandra Ransom loses a bit of his confidence and courage and does not try to fight Devine or Weston’s wishes. However, upon arriving at the planet Ransom realizes he is going to be given over to the Sorns as a sacrifice. When a huge water beast surfaces and scares Weston and Divine, Ransom takes the opportunity to run away into the unknown land of Malacandra, far away from his captors. Another example of Ransom’s growing courage is when he accepts the Hross’ invitation to hunt for the underwater beast he had…
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