A Special Relationship : Coincidence Or Destiney?

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A Special Relationship: Coincidence or Destiney? Throughout the course of our lives we face things that are destined to happen both good and bad. Sometimes our destiny brings us bad luck, we are diagnosed with a sickness, we lose our jobs, or we are brought to realize the sad reality that, it’s just not meant to be. Could this all have been coincidence? Is it possible that my dad developed heart problems from eating unhealthy foods and not the fact that his mother developed them? Could it be that I lost my job because it was just time for me to move on and not because my next job would give me a career to develop my skills to be far more prepared for the road ahead? What if I didn’t have the funds to go to Full sail University simply because I just didn’t have enough money within my scholarship and it wasn’t just destined for me to eventually end up at Post University ? I find myself at the mentality by which I’d often like to think that, the things that fall apart in my life and are brought back together far better than I could have idealized, were just destined to happen. Destiny brings things into our lives that are just inevitably meant to be; well at least that’s what I’d like to think when it comes to my fiancé and I. The way we met and the love we share, it is arguably the most destined thing of all things that are destined. I will be the first to tell you that coincidence has taking its toll on my life but my relationship with my fiancée Kendra is not one that was

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