A Specific Agenda For Fundamental Change Within Fice Of Emergency Service

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Unit 4 DB 1
AnnMarie Cameron
Capella University
Dr. O’Connor

How can I develop a specific agenda for fundamental change within the Office of Emergency Service (OES) to accomplish the agency objectives?
As a new (OES) Office of Emergency Service Leader I think that my first agenda should be to effectively understand the relationships between the community, the organization and the stakeholders. Why? Because being able to understand how the system works will enable of our organization meet the challenges of the OES changes. While it is important for my leadership style, which is Servant style I need to remember to open the doors of communication with OES employment staff. This is necessary if we plan to accomplish OES agency objectives. But to do this we will have to discuss how our organization will work effectively with “the local government, businesses, social, federal agencies, and with state and economic influential and hazards practitioners.
The next sept that will help the OES to meet our agency objectives as we adjust to the necessary organizational changes is to “understand the horizontal and vertical linkages within local government, specifically, local emergency management agencies (LEMAs) which typically have horizontal linkages with personnel in police, fire, emergency medical services, public works, and emergency management/homeland security departments” (“Building an Effective Emergency”, n.d.). Let’s not forget the municipal that answers to their local
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