A Speech Criticizing A Modern Court Case

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For my adaptation I chose to write a speech criticizing a modern court case basing my writing off the work of the famous orator Cicero. I wrote as if I was part of the infamous court case about the shooting of Trayvon Martin; in the case I represent the late Trayvon martin and cross examine the defendant George Zimmerman. In this case a mixed race, hispanic man, named George Zimmerman encountered Trayvon Martin, a young African American teenager, walking home from a 7-11 in through the neighborhood Zimmerman was patrolling as a night watchman. Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin and followed him in his car because he thought he looked suspicious so Trayvon began to run so George chased after him and then got out of his car and had a physical altercation with the teen. However Trayvon escaped Zimmerman temporarily and was running for his life when Zimmerman shot him with his handgun and killed the boy in his neighborhood. I thought that this case would be a very interesting one to analyze with Cicero’s writing because the case is much bigger than the individual shooting. Cicero’s writing really focuses on a series of arguments and comparisons that lead up to one major point that he is trying to argue. Since there has been so many cases of police brutality and violence against unarmed African Americans recently I thought I could compare this case to other cases and portray a larger narrative of the real problem that links all of these acts of violence. This being that we live in a
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