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Special Assessment Period Coursework Task 2016 A speech delivered by the Rt. Hon. Theresa May, Prime Minister The politician: Theresa May The topic of the speech: Britain’s place in the world after Brexit The location of the speech: The White House, Washington DC. The audience: White House Press Pool, British media, world media. Context: British Prime Ministers covet official visits to the United States, especially early in their premierships. The widely-printed photographs of the Prime Minister standing side by side with the American President in joint press conferences are powerful statements of Britain’s perceived influence on the world stage. Meetings between the UK Prime Minister and US President, especially first encounters for one or the other in that role, have tended to be dominated by warm endorsements of the “Special Relationship” between the US and UK. While staples of this sort will form part of the speech here, given the unique circumstances of Brexit (and the fact that President Obama urged the British people to remain in the EU) this speech provides an important opportunity for May, as the new British Prime Minister, to articulate her vision of Britain’s place in the world and what she meant when she declared that “Brexit means Brexit”. This speech, then, is a blend of conventional political rhetoric common to these meetings in the past (think of figures as diverse as Attlee and Truman, Macmillan and John F. Kennedy, Thatcher and Reagan) with
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