A Speech Meeting At A Executive Speech Conference At University

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When thinking of great leaders in the world today most people think of Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, but I wouldn’t expect that someone like Dan T. Cathy the CEO and President of Chick-fil-A to be a great leader. When thinking of Chick-fi-A the first thing that comes to mind is there great chicken sandwich or even that they are closed on Sunday’s, but never that they have such a powerful and motivational leader ahead of their company that moves them into the right direction in the fast food market. Dan T. Cathy gave a speech at an executive speech conference at Duke University on the basis of leadership and his personal beliefs towards what a leader is. Things that he discussed through his speech was how he views…show more content…
Going more into his speech he goes on to start to talk about an event that occurred with one of his dads employees and what his dad did next that made a great impact on Dan Cathy. During his speech he started talking about an employee that worked for Dan Cathy’s dad and the employee that worked for his dad had a bad drinking problem and instead of his father firing the employee he decided to help the employee out to get better. Now this reminded me of a section of the textbook The Leadership Challenge that said “Without trust you can’t get people to believe in you or in each other” (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p. 219). That implies to how Dan Cathy’s father got Charlie Sealock help to get himself together and by doing that he instilled in him a sense of trust that he would have his back and after that event Dan Cathy said that Charlie Sealock is still loyal to Dan Cathy’s father till this day. Something else that stood out to me was when Dan Cathy asked the question if we when we receive magazines do we check of the box for
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