A Speech Of Former Men 's Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

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Introduction: In today’s speech we will be going over the legendary speech of former men’s basketball coach Jimmy Valvano. We will be taking an in depth look at the speech Jimmy V gave at the first ever ESPY’s award show created by ESPN. In our analysis of this speech we are going to be examining the character of the speaker Mr. Valvano, the audience he was giving the speech to, and the situation it occurred in. We will also be discussing his speech as a whole, touching upon everything from his organizational pattern, to speaking style, and delivery of his speech. From there will look at the impact his speech has made and whether or not it was persuasive enough to show that his call to action actually created a viable outcome afterwards. First Body Paragraph: Description of the speaker- Although, Jim Valvano is remembered most for being the head basketball coach for NC State University and leading the Wolfpack to one of the greatest Cinderella Story runs in college basketball history and winning a national championship in 1983. He is also remembered as a great player, brother, husband, father, broadcaster, and friend. Through his work off the court as a broadcaster with ESPN he was able to form a bond with the company which allowed him to collaborate to make the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research, when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46 Description of the audience/situation- Which also lead to the creation of the ESPYs which is the Excellence in

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