A Speech On Attending A House Church Essay

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INTRODUCTION Imagine yourself getting ready to attend church. Attending a house church in the first century or going to a denominational or mainline church in the twenty first century. The church may be Independent, or even a more contemporary church with the most up to date songs and latest technological equipment for enhanced presentations. You have attended there for some time now and called it home or your church. Some of your immediate family attends along with a few relatives. You have made some personal friendships and you and your family have developed positive fellowship with many who attend on a regular basis. It’s a beautiful day for a service and you and your family arrives at your place of worship anxious to participate. You are looking forward to singing some songs of inspiration listen to some uplifting testimonies or readings and then be strengthened by the Word of God. This day of worship, however, is somewhat different from past services. The form of the service is basically the same but that which is being presented is somewhat unfamiliar. Oh, Christ is being mentioned and so is God, but now there is talk of special revelations. Certain speakers are talking about esoteric experiences. Much sounds very intriguing and some listeners were hanging on every word while others were in wonderment. This wasn’t just a one time service presentation. It seemingly was becoming part of the curriculum now being taught and presented in bible studies and
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