A Speech On Bombay Poona Road

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After he finished, he held me in his arms, his heavy lips like a hippopotamus arrested my lips, took me to his bar room and opened a scotch, thereafter he started playing around with dirty jokes, poked at me with his utterly foolish orgies, spin my nipples, glasses after glasses continued making the rounds, I must appreciate he was a connoisseur of hard liquor, despite getting drunk heavily, he had the courage to walk straight and not a word bubbled from his mouth. It was well past 10:30 P.M, Bombay after a feverish day prepared to go for a sleep midst of cool breeze. Looking through my half empty glass I proposed, “Shouldn’t we go for a long drive before we take our dinner?” He pondered for a moment and said, “It will be fantastic,…show more content…
Blood oozed out like a big water dam splitting into two and the gushing water taking away with force all it can find in its path. From top to bottom I was doused in a puddle of blood. A few minutes later Jaywant stopped his taxi and I came shivering out of the car with the revolver in my hand and boarded the taxi and asked him to take me to the hospital immediately. The moment he saw me splashed with blood he lost his wits, his sound blew like a typhoon. His reasoning and intellect took a straight nosedive and asked me with a bewildered eye, tongue-in-cheek, “what the hell you have done, murdered the minister, do you know how well-connected he is?” I said, “Jaywant, this not the ideal time to ask any questions, I will let you know everything once I am out of the hospital. Now first arrange some water so that I can wash and change into hospital clothes, let my all the clothes be consigned to flame and I am handing you with a revolver and a dagger to keep safely with you”. After going for some miles, he arranged four big water bottles from a roadside hotel, at a secluded place I washed, changed my clothes and with the help of petrol my all the clothes with blood marks were burnt. Jaywant cleared all the blood stains in his taxi with his trembling hands and perhaps must, have hurled at me within his heart the choicest abuses. He drove at a good speed and by 01:45 AM at night, I was in the hospital room along with Jaywant. To hoodwink the hospital
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