A Speech On Discourse Community

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Hashani De Silva Professor Shepherd ENGL2089 Intermediate Composition 11/02/2014 Discourse Community Teaching has always been an occupation that amazed me. I believe it to be one of the most important jobs that anyone could ever embrace. A person choosing their career to be a teacher is essentially choosing to take on the role that is similar to DNA. Teachers are the group of people that pass on knowledge (which is what DNA does in our bodies), through education to the rest of us. Imagine the pressure on them. Imagine for one second that you were given this task. To teach another person a certain subject in such a way so that, the person that you are teaching can incorporate this knowledge to their daily life. Could you confidently teach…show more content…
He always came to class prepared with either a showing us an actual demonstration of what was required for us to do for the next day or with a video of someone explicitly explaining the task at hand. He is a person who I found to be very relaxed and open with his students and we could ask questions or help from him regarding anything. He even helped our class with mock interviews and tips on what to expect during an interview with architecture firms even though it was not one of his responsibilities. When asked what duties he performs as an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati through each semester he replied by saying that he mostly teaches drawings skills. He usually has two sets of Architectural Engineering students that have classes in the afternoon, first set of students on Monday and Wednesday, the second set on Tuesday and Thursday. Apart from teaching his students he also attends several meetings, some which needs traveling (in which case he would either reschedule his classes or leave early from class). He said over the course of a year he is also involved in several research projects. In order to perform these skills he explained that he needs to have good communication skills, especially written. He also said that critical reasoning skills, analytical skills and close reading are important in everything he does. Since he teaches drawings skills to students he also needs to be fluent in several
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