A Speech On Growing Up As Children

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Growing up as children, we experience a multitude of things that will shape us into who we are to become. No one child will go through the same events as another. As a result, no two children will travel down the same path in life. Each route traveled is unique and exclusive to that kid who traverses it. No matter what paths we take in life, a child’s future will be determined by how he/she reacts to challenges that are presented and will forever be affected by them. When I was ten years old, I was full of life and loved to play baseball. Every summer I played at the local youth league, making new friends along the way. In this particular summer, the regular season had ended and the all-star games were about to begin. It was a hot, humid evening that I was soon to never forget. The day started like any other. I knew it was game day. It was going to be all I thought about. I couldn’t wait to lace up my cleats, grab my glove, and head to the ballfields. My coach, Mr. Wilson, wanted us to arrive early to prepare for the game that night. I had my mother drop me off at the batting cage above our field where my coach was waiting. I took batting practice and goofed off with my buddies, who were also excited and couldn’t wait to start the game. Little did they know, baseball would soon not be the only thing occupying their minds on this night. With the game set to begin in about 20 minutes, most of my teammates and I had already finished our preparations and were
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