A Speech On Public Speaking

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On the morning of October 27th I attended a Friends University Chapel program in alumni auditorium and I listened to a jazz band and prayed with my fellow classmates. I knew there would be a guest speaker at some point during the service and I was excited to hear her speech. We prayed, sang a few songs and then got ready for our guest speaker. Marla Schmidt was introduced and she talked to the congregation about the importance of accepting refugees that have escaped religious persecution and war from their homeland and fled to our community in search of a better life. Marla serves as the Field Office Director for the Episcopal Migration Ministries- Wichita refugee resettlement agency. She gave a speech that involved accepting refugees from different parts of the world into the United States of America and helping them adapt to life in the United States.
Marla was very soft spoken and very hard to hear in such a big auditorium even with a microphone close to her mouth. The whole auditorium had to be completely silent in order to really analyze her words that she spoke. I could tell she felt strongly about helping the refugees and she really wanted the congregation to feel the need to go and help the new people coming to our country. She never yelled or made us feel bad, but her tone was stern and her face was very solemn the whole time, barely cracking a…
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