A Speech On Sex Trafficking

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Discussions have their importance among new audiences to witness. These discussions and speeches often give a representation of certain topics that may be unfamiliar for some audiences. It’s vital to inform groups of people of situations that are happening around the world. Also, the way that these valuable discussions are delivered may allow for a better understanding from the audience. The speakers can lead groups of people to be more informed about certain situations occurring. Personally, for my speeches in class I had to make good use of specific techniques to get the most engagement from my audience. These techniques could seem ambiguous until they’re applied in the speech. Preparing tactics and outlines for a speech has…show more content…
This brings about an opportunity for the audience to have empathy to the speaker(Beebe 192). Similarly, the speaker Earnest in the video “Bringing world class healthcare to the poorest”, mentioned a personal reference about living in America with advanced health care, but most people don’t have that option in other countries(Earnest 1). This personal reference will illustrate a real life situation of an individual living in a developing nation. This can bring about better understanding about the struggles of other people. Both speakers used personal references that further aided the situations occurring. However, Sunitha used a personal life occurrence that appeals to the audience more emotionally. Earnest used more of an analogy that could happen to certain groups of people. The effectiveness of each reference would depend on each audience member since everyone could react differently. At the same time, Sunitha may get more attention from the audience with her use of emotional appeal. The effectiveness of each speaker and their techniques could be debated. It’s vital to use such techniques when trying to get the most impact to an audience. Second of all, a vital component of a speech would be the use of persuasive techniques. These tactics can go along way for any speech to reach the audience in a more meaningful way. Persuading the audience will allow for better engagement. For instance, the book
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