A Speech On Society 's Eyes You 're Nothing

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Britney Phan

Imagine living in this world where people see you as nothing, but just another person. They can only see you as a great person, or just another waste of space. Imagine feeling that you’ve just been dropped off in this world filled with nothing but ignorant, apathetic, and greedy people. You feel like you can’t do anything to change the world we live in, because you see yourself as another failure. In society’s eyes you’re nothing. In their eyes you’re the only failure they can see, because no one believes you to be the successor in anything. Society has this set standard you have to meet to be “successful”. Society won’t respect you if you don’t make their set standards. You feel worthless, and they don’t tell you
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When I try to look back at why I am such an amateur at some things in school or basically just knowledge on the standards that are being taught. I’ve noticed how much I actually have been bullied or let down by some of my former teachers. Students’ sometimes have their parents’ help with homework or real world problems. Even if some people start out as orphans most times they have relatives, such as aunts/uncles, grandmas/grandpas. Most times they also have very nice foster parents’. For me, it wasn’t like that. My father left my mom, my younger brother, and me, alone. A lot of parents’ have problems, but they also have relatives close by. As I grew up I learned more and more; I didn’t learn about the standards that were being taught; I was learning how life works now and back then. My mom said she wasn’t mad that he left her, but was mad and furious, because he left us fatherless. After that, I started understanding that I wasn’t mad that he left me, but actually pissed off because he left my little brother fatherless. He, who will not be named, left my little brother. He didn’t have anyone to talk about sports, or cars with. He wasn’t able to go fishing on a boat for the first time. My father left when I turned around 7 and my brother turned 3. At least I had 7 years with him, but 3 years isn’t enough for anything. So I am the person who I am now, all depressed and easily hurt, started then.

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