A Speech On The Hall Of Chicago

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As the meeting starts, just by looking at the demeanor of the women that begins with the Quorum Roll call you can notice her lack of enthusiasm which causes you conclude that she have no drive to be apart of the meeting. There were also a lack enthusiasm in her voice as she called all the alderman 's for their attendance. She called approximately fifty names without any knowledge if they were present or not. I noticed that there were about forty spectators. As she continues to call names, I realized that some of the alderman did not seem as if they wanted to acknowledge that they were present by their tone and by the time waited to reply “present” or even “here.” The city of chicago incorporated the fourth of march eighteen thirty-seven plaque which was displayed as they set up the cameras for about ten minutes. The room the meeting was held in set a serious tone as well as clean setting. They choose an area which creates a productive setting. After the roll call was over, it was approximately four aldermans that was no shows which did not seem as if it was abnormal. However, after the Quorum Roll call it was time for the invocation which was done by Reverend Martin. I was not to sure what was the need for the invocation because everyone has their different beliefs but Reverend Martin made sure his prayer was not to put anyone to shame for their beliefs but to pray for the focus of the meeting. As Rev. Martin starts the prayer, he focus on the forgiveness from GOD for the
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