A Speech On The School Improvement Process Essay

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Good Afternoon EDL 605: It was a pleasure meeting with you this weekend. I am looking forward to spending the next six weeks with you exploring the critical role that curriculum plays in the school improvement process. Each Sunday after our Saturday class meeting, I will send an email summarizing what we covered, and reviewing what needs to be accomplished over the two weeks between class meetings. This weekend, we began by reviewing the standards, format, and expectation for the CAT School Improvement Modules. Next week, I will spend all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday assessing the March CAT. I will provide you all feedback on your Nutmeg H.S. CAT essays after I calibrate myself during next week’s assessments. I will provide you feedback and a score on your Nutmeg H.S. response. On April 30th, I am going to give you a second practice CAT. If necessary, I will give you a third prompt before you take the CAT in June. Working together, we will make sure you are ready to meet with success before you take the June CAT. After the CAT, we began discussing the role of the NEASC in school improvement at the high school level. The feedback that the NEASC provides high schools drives school improvement. In my opinion, the standards and indicators that the NEASC uses to accredit high schools are outstanding. The standards set a high bar. While NEASC accreditation is required for high schools, middle and elementary schools may choose to be accredited. The standards and

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